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After 4 years as a psychiatrist with the state government in St. Louis, Missouri, and then almost 25 years with the federal government in Asheville, North Carolina, I have opened a private practice to provide psychiatric care for adults in Asheville.

Please call to schedule an appointment: 828-301-2052

Practice Philosophy

Good mental health care requires cooperation among all the parties involved - the individual seeking help; close family or friend; psychiatrist and other mental health professionals involved; primary care physician; and other providers of care for the individual's physical and emotional problems.  I am a strong advocate for such a team approach.  I believe also that there is great potential for the relationship between physician and patient to become a mutually enriching and rewarding experience.  Success in this endeavor requires open communication, mutual respect, and mutual trust.  With this in mind, I strive to provide a level of care that will not only meet the needs of the individual and his or her loved ones, but also exceed their expectations.  It is my wish that my efforts, in behalf of those seeking assistance, will promote healing, engender hope, and encourage optimism for the future.  I greatly enjoy my work in the mental health field, and I feel very privileged to be able to provide psychiatric care.

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