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Issues That Can Be Addressed
  • sadness

  • mood swings

  • suicidal thoughts

  • posttraumatic stress

  • nervousness

  • fear

  • anger, uncontrolled temper

  • thoughts to harm others

  • guilt

  • social isolation

  • poor sleep

  • anxiety attacks

  • obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors

  • hearing voices not heard by others

  • having ideas/worries that others do not seem to have

  • loss of a loved one

  • memory problems

  • eating disorders

  • sexual dysfunction

  • getting older, losing physical and cognitive abilities

  • marital strife, other family conflict

  • caregiver stress

  • psychiatric medications not working,

  • or causing side effects

  • (and more)

Services Provided

For those interested in establishing care on an ongoing basis:

Diagnostic evaluation, discussion of findings and of recommendations for treatment, discussion with patient and family member(s) of pros and cons of various treatment options, initiation of treatment if requested by patient/family.

Length of appointment:  90 minutes

Note:  Initial evaluation may require more than one session.

Followup appointments, frequency and duration to be determined based on diagnosis, on severity, and on discussion with patient and family.

Length of appointment:  30-60 minutes

Note:  It is not unusual that the psychiatrist advises patient to see an additional mental health professional for a specific type of psychotherapy.

Telephone contact - initiated by psychiatrist - as needed, to insure safety of patient and to monitor for efficacy and/or adverse effects of specific treatment modalities

Communication between psychiatrist and patient's primary care physician, on a regular basis, to coordinate care - initiated by either provider. Communication between psychiatrist and patient's psychotherapist, on a regular basis, to coordinate care.

For those interested in obtaining a second opinion:

Evaluation proceeds the same as noted above.


For those needing crisis intervention:

If possible, a same-day appointment will be offered; otherwise, referral directly to ER of closest hospital will be advised.


For established patients with rather urgent issues:

Every attempt will be made to see patient within 24 hours

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